Darwin Toolbox is a safe, user-friendly, affordable biotechnology laboratory in a compact toolbox-size container that includes a centrifuge, a PCR machine and a gel electrophoresis unit with transilluminator.

Our aim is to increase the reach of synthetic biology by creating and providing tools and expertise that will make biotechnology more accessible in non- and semiprofessional settings. Darwin Toolbox will be an ideal entry-level device for biotechnology citizen scientists, iGEM High School teams and undergraduate students. Connect Darwin Toolbox to a laptop or tablet computer to keep track of your experiment records and share it online with friends and collaborators.

Our objective is to create tools that enable synthetic biologists to focus on functionality of the system and its social, cultural and ethical implications, without having to worry about the cost or restrictions of lab workspace. Darwin Toolbox aims to foster a new culture of curiosity, discovery and responsibility for young synthetic biologists.

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